To date, Parkinson’s Disease is an incurable and progressive neurological condition that effects an estimated 25,000 residents in the state of Oregon. Its many symptoms include slowness of movement, tremors, muscle rigidity, stooped posture, shuffling gait, and lethargy.

However, some of the most recent and promising research in Parkinson’s Disease treatments indicate that physical activity may delay the progression of this incurable disease.

Based in part upon the research of OHSU, her years of fitness training and experience in and working with Parkinson’s patients, Nancy Nelson founded PDEX, LLC (Parkinson’s Disease Exercise).

Drawing from a variety of disciplines to address the most challenging symptoms of  the  disease, Nancy’s caring and compassionate style helps participants learn techniques that can be incorporated easily into their daily lives. Classes are conducted in a supportive, non-threatening atmosphere which helps to foster new relationships and camaraderie amongst participants.

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